wade fishin 1

This is just south of Burnt Store marina. and a bit of a walk, but if you dont have a boat, and would like to
wade fish you will love this place, NOT a place to take little kids, before taking kids here walk it and check it out
for your self, your the parent you decide. Same thing if you have heath problems use your head.

Once you start you walk it is muddy quite often and wading shoes which will not pull off your feet are the thing
to wear, at least tennis shoes, flip flops will become part of the eco systems.

This is some of the best fishing in the world for Snook & Red fish. But keep in mind if a boat is anchored there fishing
just becaused you walked in does not make you special, same thing for them, if you are there your spot, if it is them
you fish the other way heading some where else.

Poppin corks out in the open with shrimp is great for Trout, free line a shrimp under the mangroves for big reds works great

From Sharks, to Trout, Snook or Red fish this is a spot you should try. really worth the effort, and beats the heck out of
walking through Snow drifts.

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