Bull bay   

Bull Bay is world famous for fishing, Many Presidents come here to fish.
The bay consists of mostly shallow water with grass covered bottom with a few troughs and pot holes.
 Trout inhabit the entrances and the open waters, while the Snook and Red fish hide along the shores nest to the mangroves.

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Bull bay is located close to the inter-coastal water way, this gives bull bay a unique aspect
of back bay brown waters and during much of the year you can sight cast like you would in more
open water areas




This is an Ariel Photo of the Cape Haze peninsulas The water at the top is Charlotte Harbor.
 The larger enclosed bay just below that is Turtle Bay.
  Bull Bay is the one closest to the bottom of the photo.



 In the Photo above look just above the island "Key" with the sand showing, the white dots you see are fish shacks in Bull bay.



In the pic below Bull Bay encompasses a large area most of it is little tiny key or islands with very shallow water.


I am sure this is what you were looking for some of my fishin spots in Bull bay. No problem but when I come in,
slide over and make room for me.
Blue is Snook, Yellow for Trout, Red for Redfish.   You are welcome.




In the Following pictures you can see how to get into Bull Bay.

This photo show the main entrance into Bull bay from the south. If you are coming in from Charlotte Harbor this is the nest way.
Lets be aware of other boats fishing in the channels going in to the bay. If one of these boats is you do not be mad at someone for driveling by you
I mean come on where else are they suppose to go. if you fish the inlets, expect this. I can tell you from many years of fishin here, Some of the best
fishing you can get is when a boat passes on plane in shallow water it stirs up the bait boiling it up from the bottom. The fish know this and come running into the white water boil of the prop wash. So when a boat blows by cast quickly into the wake. Try not to catch his prop, you will be amazed how many big fish you will catch.


This photo show the eagles nest cut off. where we used to get from Bull to Turtle Bay.
This pass is very very very Shallow now. Only useable in the summer high tides.
Be careful if you try this, unless your boat will run with just 2 guys urinating off the front, you might want to go another way.


This has become a better route from Bull to Turtle but again not good, Go real slow, better yet go out the front and take the long way around,
 might be better than spending the night on a sand bar





Another picture taken By   from an air plane as he flew in from
Toronto to Fort Myers air port



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