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Mon - Thurs 8:pm/ Fri & Sat. 9:pm /Sunday 6:am to 7:pm
       4425-D Tamiami Trail Charlotte Harbor Fl. 33980  941-625-3888
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                                                 Mon - Fri 8:am to 5:pm, Sat 8:am to 3:pm  Sun 11:am to 4:pm
                                                        14531 N. Cleveland Ave. North Fort Myers Fl. 33903   239-634-1043
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                  This aint no Boutique.
      This is a Fishin store.

   We have all the Sights, sounds, and smells
       of a real honest to god, Fishin Store!  

    30+ years of helping people,
        find and catch fish.

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     This is the best place, you'll ever find to ask questions, What can I catch with this, How does this work?    
    More fishing info than ever thought possible, with the main fishin report page and the Radio fishin shows,
and the fishin franks blog, Just so much info. And as the say so many fish and so little time     is my E-mail       
    The most important question is the one you ask.
We have the Tackle for Bass, Snook, Redfish, Shark, Crappie, Triple tail,    

Fishin Franks Events and Road Shows 
Jan 11
th 14th > Charlotte County boat show,
Feb 24th & 25 > Big boy Toyz Expo Punta Gorda.
March 1
st 4th > Bonita Springs Boat show,
March 8
th 11th > Punta Gorda boat show,
March 24
th > Tent Sale Event-
June 30
th > Fishin franks new product show case, F-cast

  The Letter
This is a thank you letter we received with no return address or name,
                               To whom ever you are thank you, Frank

Grouper, Blue gill, Sailfish, Snappers, Gar, You get the idea,
Fresh water, Saltwater, Inshore / offshore, Or from the bank, We can help,

thousands of different styles colors. of hard-body lures, hundreds of soft plastics,
absolutely the largest selection of hooks anywhere.
Live Bait

 Night crawler,

  frozen bait.
 Shrimp, Mullet,
 Sardines, Crabs,
 Rigged bally,
 Sand- fleas,
 Clams, Shiners,  Crab Bait, Jacks, Lady-fish,  Bonita,  finger-mullet,  green backs,  Cigar-minnows.

Located in Charlotte Harbor, Florida or Port charlotte Across the bridge from Punta Gorda, 
Voted best place to buy Fishing tackle for more than 16 Years, every year.

Whether it is Tarpon, Snook, Redfish, Trout, Shark, Triple tail,
inshore, flats fishing, or Deep water, Your Choice, your Fishing we will help.

Fresh water is not forgotten at Fishin Franks, Big Bass, blue gills, shell crackers
Crappie, what ever is your favorite we have the supplies for you.
For all you Cat-fish guys we have a cat fishing section with dough baits,
soft baits, dough bait hooks.
With the largest selection of lures and baits you can find for what ever the fish.

      Whether you are Fishing Charlotte Harbor, or Fishing the flats.
       The best where to fish, and how to fish, in Charlotte County
       is right here at Fishin Franks.
        I'll brag, because I truly believe day in and day out
       365 days a year the best fishing in South west Florida.

      If You are dreaming of Catching Snook, lets us help.               




Fishin' Franks
is truly different,  absolutely the best Fishing information you can get.

Thousands of items to choose from. Fresh-water, Back-bay salt-water,
Flats fishing, Snook, Shark, Tarpon, Redfish 

Only the largest chain stores compete with us on prices

The best place to learn to fish Charlotte Harbor & Boca Grande