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    area Fishin report with Robert & Capt Karl-- 941- 565 -7325
                                           46 minutes 04/21/17


Radio Fishin


Radio Fishin #374


Radio Fishin #373


Radio Fishin #372


Radio Fishin #371


Radio Fishin #370


radio fishin #369


Radio fishin #368


Radio Fishin #367


Radio fishin #366


Radio Fishin #365


Radio Fishin #364


Radio Fishin #363


Radio Fishin #362


Fishin Up-date with Sly from Lake Okeechobee
fishin A Bruiser Bait Tournament  3 minutes 04/09/17


Flat line charters 941-830-0153  Fishin-up-date
with Capt. Billy Hoffman 5 minutes 04/09/17


   Area Fishin Report with Robert 04/07/17 42 minutes


Fishin Report with Capt Matt Hagg and Capt. Tom Fisher.  04/07/17     941-628-4687 for fish bone charters.



    Area fishing report 03/29/17 40 minutes


area fishin report with Robert and Capt. Karl 03/13/17 38 minutes



  03/06/17 #356 Area fishin report 42 minutes 03/06/17



  Area fishin report with Robert 02/1317 58 minute


Radio Fishin #354 with Capt Tom Fisher on the water 7 minutes 02/07/17



Radio Fishin with Capt, Billy and Capt. Chris 01/30/17 30 minutes
yes this one is really low volume, quiet, don't know why.


    Radio fishin area fishin report 01/30/17 67 minutes



Radio Fishin # 352 with F.W.C. Lt Mike about Florida rules 01/30/17


Radio Fishin #351 with Captain Tom Fisher and Capt. Mat Hagg 01/30/17


Radio Fishin #350 Salt water fishing with Capt. Morris 01/28/17



Radio Fishin # 349  Fresh water up date report with Capt. Morris 01/128/17



Radio Fishin #348 ranting about fishin, eco, manatees, with Morris



#353   Area fishin report with Robert, Capt Mike Myers,
 and The fish coach Josh Olive 
  75 minutes 01/19/17 #353



Radio Fishin with Capt. Tom Fisher 7 minutes 01/19/17


Radio fishin with Patrick Sebile "Sebile lures" 10 minutes 01/17/17



Radio Fishin with Capt. Mike Myers, fishin report 11 minutes 01/17/17
Mikes number 941-416-8047



   Area Fishin report 01/10/17 1hr 20 min


  Captain Andrew Merriman His first show as host 01/07/16


   Steve The Pirate Peg leg His first show as host 01/07/17










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Radio Fishin is a talk radio fishing program designed to help listeners understand the fishing here in Charlotte Harbor.
A Radio fishing is a talk radio fishing program designed to help people understand where and how to catch fish here in Charlotte Harbor, and S.W.Florida, Port Charlotte Punta Gorda. with weekly fishing reports, and on the water fishing up-dates from charter boat Captains/fishing guides. You will also learn about fishing techniques, how and where to find the best fishing in south west Florida, & Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte as well as Boca Grande, we also report on the gulf of Mexico fishing. Tarpon and Sea Trout fishing Snook fishing, each week there is area fishing report. whiting, Spanish mackerel, King Mackerel. Shark Fishing from land or from a boat. Florida has some of the best fishing in the world if you or once you understand how things work.
The first thing is not to expect much differences if you are a bass fisherman, The back water fishing we do here is very similar to fresh water fishing, jerk shads, Jigs, Hard body lures, we cast up under docks for big Snook and Red fish. or out on the Mangrove shore line we cast right under the branches for Snook or red fish. If you are casting 3 feet from the trees you might be 10 feet from the fish. During a higher tide the fish will move up under the branches to find food, small crabs and such. So a Red fish could easily be 6 feet back up under the mangroves. For the best hook up ratio you need to get your bait/lure as far up under the branches as possible. We call it damn it fishing as in Damn that a good cast or damn in the trees again.