East keys  How to get on the flats.       
The East side, or East side keys, are some of the best
Fishin there is anywhere, Snook & Red fish against
the mangroves. With Trout and Cobia out on the bar.

The East Side keys Start at Alligator Creek and go south to Hobb's "Pirate Harbor"
 The one problem fisherman face is the sand bar which runs along between the Keys and
Charlotte Harbor. This bar is often sticking out of the water in the winter months,
in the summer months many times I have run right over it, if you do not know or are
 unfamiliar with this area go slow, It is way better to spend an extra 10 minutes getting there
than throw some one out of the boat.

look at on   






















This next photo show you the best route to run behind the bar.
Average depth 2 feet, could be more could be a lot less. 
















To get behind the bar and fish, the East side from the north.
It is usually done by going in at the entrance to Alligator Creek.
Here is an over-view of where the creek entrance is.














Here you see the lay out of the channel markers and how the channel going into the creek is curved.
When you enter you will make a hard right, the 3/4 the way thru the curve to the left, you head
towards the two little islands





























      This is the only way I could get this picture on this page.
      The left is north, but it dose give you an idea that it would take years to fish all these Islands. 

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